Avola, Fascionello and Corrente are the typical Sicilian variety of almond that we take care of, to give only the best to our consumers. The different kinds are available such this: sliced, chopped or as flour, according to need.

Certified and guaranteed quality

The control of the supply chain is one of the strengths of Na.Ma.: with our choice of the land and of the seed, with the planned transplant and the agronomics, with the care we have with the harvesting operation, the sorting and the packaging, and in the end the distribution, assuring consumers first choice almonds.

The tradition becomes a snack

Our almonds, harvested directly in the lands of Avola, are processed to give the most refined and demanding tastes palates all the traditions of our land in small and practical snacks that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Almonds Benefits

Almonds are rich in protein, easy to digest and very energetic. They are particularly suitable at times when the body needs energy: sports, pregnancy, convalescence, physical and intellectual effort. The snack of almonds “MandorLe” blends the benefits of this fruit with a selection of high quality almonds, in a package suitable for a crisp, tasty and nourishing appetizer.

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