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The company

Na.Ma. works in a 2.500 sqm area, within which is located a plant cutting edge that follows the working process in all major phases, from the shelling to peeling. Experience, production process control, technologically advanced equipment and qualified personnel make Na.Ma. a name synonymous of quality and delicatessen made in Sicily.
The control of the supply chain is one of the strengths of Na.Ma.; particular care is given to the harvest, selection, packaging and distribution operations, in order to guarantee high quality almonds to our customers. 
Since 2010, Na.Ma. is partner promoter of Avola’s Almond production process safeguard and improvement Consortium, which was established in the same year. Created to protect the product and the consumers, to carry out applied research and information campaigns, the Consortium also guarantees the traceability system of the members’ products. 

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